What I Do

I create websites!

I work with you to create:

For the detailed steps in the process, see the How it Works page.

Creating a site involves:

Planning:You can provide me with the content you want and, if necessary, I can help you prepare it for publication. You will be given initial “sketches” of your design in .pdf format. Once you've chosen a layout, I will create an initial concept site for your approval.

Creation: Custom websites and online stores. The sites work well and look great on all modern screen sizes (they’re “responsive”). The site is optimised for search engine performance and will be accessible.

Setup:You'll need a domain name and web hosting, both of which I can do for you. I'll also register your site with Google+ and can create a social media presence for your company

Maintenance:You'll be using a wonderfully easy content management system which will be customised to your needs. Best of all, you can take it for a test drive now. The test site is at webdesigntry.place. Contact me for log-in details. If you'd prefer, I can do the maintenance for you.

Support:You'll receive free email and ‘phone support after your site becomes “live”.

Documentation:You will receive easy-to-understand documentation written specifically for your website.